mardi 21 juin 2011

The Social Network

Yesterday night Emmi kindly let us watch a film. She's only one month old and tends to be a handful in the evenings, but not yesterday. So we watched a film - The Social Network - with video on demand, essential for parents that need a bit of agility like us.
The film's good and entertaining, although it felt a bit sore for me as I've been trying to start a business for a year now and without success.
Fact is, I've gone far too many directions to be successful. From B2B consulting, web applications, Facebook applications, mobile applications, Open Source desktop software, I touched a lot of high tech software businesses without really focusing on one long enough to stand a chance.
When you read the tech blogosphere, Techcrunch and others, like I did a while to understand the web market, you really get this impression that success in entrepreneurship is the norm. If you know how to code, have a couple of good ideas and some spare time, you're bound to become a millionaire. Well nothing could be more wrong. Failure is the norm and only a few will thrive and succeed. Why do these lucky few succeed is still a mistery to me. One thing is sure is that quality alone is not the criteria.
Anyway back to the film, now you understand the soreness. Whilst I believe the whole plot and characters are vastly exagerated, clearly the guy is clever and made the right moves. You can be lucky once or twice but to get to that level you need to be smart.

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