mardi 21 juin 2011

Not so good dady

My 4 year old, the oldest of my three daughters - yes it's tough sometimes - is cheeky. Well in fact all three are cheeky. The other day she was cheekier than ever.
You have to know that they speak 3 languages fluently. They speak French with me, English with their mum and Spanish between them. Yes the oldest is 4 years old. The second one is 3 and the latest arrival is 1 months old - her language skills are pretty limited for now.
They always smile when I speak Spanish.
Anyway the other day, after a moment of silence, the oldest looked at me straight in the eyes: "daddy, your French is excellent and your English very good... but your Spanish uhuh" with a movement of the hand implying I should be ashamed of myself.
Pass me the phone book please, any cheap Spanish teachers out there?

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