vendredi 13 avril 2012

Uh no I cried again - but I think I am not the only one ;-)

This video really makes me cry, no matter how often I watch it. Since having kids, I've turned a bit into a softy - I even cried in Toy Story 3. Should I blame it on a chronical lack of sleep, on permanent tiredness and escalating moments of stress? Sure. That's the lame excuse.

The truth is that video has captured the essence of life and it has done it so beautifully, without a word.
Life is a waltz. It comes and goes.
Fast pacing, enthusiastic, full of hope; those moments in life where you feel in control and give it a swing - a birth, a house, a dream... everything is possible again, life is beautiful.
Slow, steady, and the years go by. Without realising it, you have forgotten about your dreams, too busy focusing on the moment, too busy following the stream and the narrow path you have set before you.
And then it stops for a moment and the unexpected arrived. Destinity is not always agreeable. The horizon has changed in a sudden twist.

This video puts it all in perspective, and I can relate to it. That's why it makes me cry so much.

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