mercredi 6 juin 2012


I was reading this great comic book on Feynman, by Ottaviani and Myrick, check this article for instance, fascinating.
If you don't know Feyman, I guess one could describe him as a "cool" physicist. Somehow at the antipodes of Sheldon from the big bang theory. Of course nobel price, etc... yet living the full life, music, beach, parties. More important he, like Einstein, had a true understanding of Physics, rather than of its equations. Corollary: he also possessed this rare talent for teaching it too. The Feynman lectures on Physics is a book somewhere between the Bible and a good novel, that is to say a reference and a pleasure to read.
Anyway, page 204 of this comic book, Feyman, whilst giving a lecture to a crowd of Physics neophytes and explaining the interaction of light with material, has the following strange words: "that's the theory. You don't like it? tough, because that's the theory". This simple statement, just put the finger on why I struggled at some point during my Physics studies. I guess I just didn't like the theories, they were unsatisfying. There has to be a more elegant way to describe the world ;-)

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